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about Philosophy

Online and offline, consumers want to do business in their native languages. Qordoba's transcreation methodology develops content that reads like it was written in the target language.

Every project goes through a 3-step process involving a translator, editor and proofreader

Our patent-pending automated workflow and web-based tools allows our linguists to focus on delivering high impact localizations within difficult deadlines, without compromi- sing on quality.

about Team

Our 450 writers, editors and translators in 30 countries and 15 time zones are Qordoba's secret weapon. We rigorously recruit, test, train and evaluate general and subject matter experts who are native speakers of their target translation languages.

From project managers to translators to editors, we build dedicated teams around your projects. Our team works like an extension of yours

Around the clock access to your portal and your team

We are dedicated to setting and meeting the highest standards of content creation worldwide.

Are you a talented, dedicated translator, writer or editor? Join us here.

about Services

Fast, scalable and reliable content of the highest quality: that is the Qordoba promise. Full range of language solutions include translation, localization, editing, original content creation, and desktop publishing.

  • Press releases
  • Social media outreach
  • News briefs

  • eCommerce content
  • Content portals
  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Software localization
  • Gaming localization

  • Brochures
  • User guides
  • Technical manuals
  • Presentation

  • Literature and education
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Sensitive material (security-clearance) translation
  • Subtitling

about Technology

Qordoba's human translation + custom tools approach to language services optimizes the delivery of high-quality translation in near-real time environments. Qordoba's web-based model ensures that the right person works on the right job, 24/7

An easy-to-use gateway to allow you to upload, review and download localization jobs. your jobs throughout the translation process and manage projects stress-free

Reduce translation costs and speed time to market by using Qordoba's real-time, web-based TM manage- ment tools. We leverage your pre- vious translations seamlessly

Your corporate voice and messages are closely tied to your preferred terminology. We work with you to develop custom glossaries that are leveraged across all your projects and accesible to you in the cloud.


Connect to Qordoba's platform from within your own content manage- ment system or website. Integrate our services right into your existing technology platform