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Top quality and reliable technical translation
Translate technical documents and technical texts into more than 20 language combinations

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Fast, scalable and reliable content of the highest quality: that is the Qordoba promise. Full range of technical translation solutions include translation, localization, editing, and publishing of technical material.

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Qordoba's linguists are experts in technical translation, prividing consistently high quality technical translation for guides, manuals and specialized industry documents to various international and technology companies. Our translation project maangement procedures are about accumulating experience, in technology and people. Cloud-based glossaries, translation memories, style guides and precedent material as well as dedicated client teams ensure quality, consistency and fast turnaround. Proprietary technology is a core part of our project management procedures, which is a major benefit to technical translation projects.

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Every technical translation project goes through a 3-step process involving a translator, editor and proofreader. Our patent-pending automated workflow and web-based tools allows our linguists to focus on delivering high impact localizations within difficult deadlines, with quality being the ultimate goal.

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